Monday, February 15, 2010

One Hour Cleaning Days

"Arg! I am so sick of this house being a mess! Why can't I keep it clean? I hate wasting half of my Saturday cleaning!"

Yes, I have said these words a thousand times. And I am guessing they ring true for some of you as well. Well, there is an easier way! There is hope! :o)

I use what I call "One Hour Cleaning Days." Everyday I have a different room that I clean. Just one room a day. And just one hour a day. Shhh, some times it is less. Here is my list of days and what I clean on that day...

Monday: Kitchen

Tuesday: Bathroom(s)

Wednesday: Spare bedroom(s)

Thursday: Master Bedroom

Friday: Living Room

Saturday: General picking up, sweep and mop the floors, special projects

This is the list, as it is, right off my refrigerator.

On the day that I clean the bedroom, I know to also strip the sheets and blankets off the bed and wash them. The bathroom day, I know to switch out the towels and wash rags. This way I know that they are getting washed at least once a week. Kitchen is general cleaning. Living room is dusting, picking up (please, never look at my coffee table!) and putting away what doesn't belong there. Saturday I sweep and mop all the floors. I also work on special cleaning or organizing jobs that need done. Ie: switching over winter/summer clothes in storage, cleaning the refrigerator out, or scrubbing the floors.

Mind you, these days do get forgotten or looked over or changed sometimes. Live is not perfect! If it was, there wouldn't be a mess in the first place!

Some rooms don't take me a full hour. Other rooms can take me more but usually don't. You can also choose to do it in less time. Maybe half hour. Or maybe you want to do a half hour in the morning and then again in the evening. Whatever works for you!

I also have 15 minute power cleans that I do daily, but I will tell you more about that tomorrow.... :o)


  1. Do you have children that are old enough to help you? Mine do chores and this helps keep our home clean..

  2. I have one little one that is 5 months, so she's not much help yet. :o) I do intend to have my children have chores and learn to pick up after themselves though. Any tips?