Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quick Tip Tuesday: Grocery List

How many times have you gotten home from the grocery store only to realize that you have forgotten something like peanut butter, ketchup or honey?

Or while at the grocery store you just knew there was something else you were out of at home but for the life of you, you can't remember what it was.

This is why I keep a running grocery list on my refrigerator. It is a simple, time saving list that will save you many a head ache!

Keep a scrap piece of paper on the fridge with one of those lovely magnets you have and a pen handy. When you use the last of the peanut butter, or when you see that the ketchup is almost gone, write it on the list!

This works for other things as well. Deodorant, shampoo, cat food, toilet paper. I keep one list for the grocery store and one for my favoite super store.

Another tip to go along with the list. If you need deodorant, put a "-" and then your name, or even just the first letter in your name. For example...

shampoo-z + v

This way you know who needs it if you and your spouse/child use a different brand.

And if your good, you can even get your hubby to use the list! :o)

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