Monday, April 19, 2010

Garden Update

I thought I'd update you on how our garden was going so far. Below are a couple pictures of our starts as of yesterday. They are all looking good! Including the new squash seedlings that have popped up in the last few days and seem to double in size every day. Fast little guys!

These are the squash. Top left are the yellow squash, middle are the zucchini and the upper left are the cucumbers.

And here is a view of all of them. Bell peppers, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, and three types of tomatoes (beef steak, Roma, and cherry.) All of these will be planted in plastic totes as we are renting and aren't allowed to plow up the back yard like the last place let us. :o) But I did a lot of research into container gardening when we lived in the city as we were planning to container garden on the balcony but then we found a new rental place with a yard before we had the chance to try it out. I am anxious to see how this goes! We are also planning to plant some large sun flowers along the back wall of the house to hopefully get seeds from. I've never done sunflowers before so we shall see.

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