Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick Tip Tuesday: Double batch cookie dough

Next time you whip up a batch of cookies, make double! Roll the extra cookie dough into cookie sized balls, place on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper, and freeze for 24 hours. Place in a zip top bag labeled with the type of cookie they are and the bake time and temperature. Cookies that work great for this are...

  • Peanut butter (roll in the sugar before freezing)
  • Chocolate chip
  • Short breads
  • Sugar
  • Snicker doodles (roll in cinnamon/sugar before freezing)
  • Chocolate white chocolate chip (pictured above)

When it comes time to bake the cookie: Take out how ever many you want, place on a lightly greased cookie sheet (unless the recipe calls for it not to be greased,) allow to thaw for about 20 minutes and bake like normal! *You may have to increase the bake time by a minute or two. Bake for normal time and then check for doneness.*

This also allows couples or families with just a few children not to have to bake an entire batch of cookies. Instead, you can make up the whole batch and only bake what you need right then. We usually bake 4 to 6 cookies at a time. This also makes for a great last minute dessert when unexpected company arrives for dinner!


  1. WOW! If I could manage to keep the family down when preparing cookies, eating them, and still having dough to bake later... that would be astronomical... my friend who died at the age of 33 said, "Chris, you are the Cookie Queen" honestly, friends have commented about my cookies, but its really The Wooden Spoon Cookie Book" (Moore) that I must contribute all praise... I like to make cookies and usually bake them when company is here, almost arriving, IOW I usually only make them fresh, at the moment... I suppose that is why my cookies are not available often, but when they are they are fresh and gobbled... I am curious as to the white stuff in your photo.. can you manage a recipe, if it does not take you from the demanding duties as a dedicated wife and mother? I would be grateful.

  2. I am guessing the "white stuff" you are talking about is the specks of white in the cookies? If so, they are white chocolate chips. And I would be glad to share the recipe! I will just have to make it my recipe post on Saturday! Just because you asked. :o)